SCRIP (School Cash Rebate Incentive Program) is substitute money and is an incredible tool for Manitowoc Lutheran High School and grade school families to earn education credits for current or future education costs. When you purchase SCRIP, you’re purchasing gift cards and certificates that are used just like cash. You can use SCRIP to purchase everyday expenses like food, gas, clothing, restaurants, home improvements, medical, travel, plus much more.

Who Can Use SCRIP?

Anyone who wishes to support Manitowoc Lutheran High School may purchase SCRIP. A SCRIP education credit account may be opened for families with children newborn through12th grade. Just complete an agreement form to open a family education credit account. Parents, grandparents, relatives and friends can designate a family’s account when placing their own SCRIP order. 

How to Use SCRIP


Complete an agreement form to open a family education credit account. 


Get the RaiseRight App


Find retailers from all over the world!  Use your phone to order and pay online (e-gift cards available in your RaiseRight Scrip wallet), reload your physical cards (watch for reloadable sticker) and order physical cards to pick up in the MLHS Scrip office. The app also allows you to check your account activity and create personalized shopping lists.


Check out the MLHS Order Form to find local vendors

Find your favorite local vendors who are able to offer more in a return to MLHS because they choose to!
Manually fill out the form and fill your order at the MLHS SCRIP office.


The MLHS SCRIP Office is open Monday - Friday, 7:30AM-3:30PM

With additional hours on Thursdays, 4:00PM-6:00PM

Any changes to these hours will be listed on our calendar below.

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January Winners

Jessica Simon

Jaimie Carlson

Catherine Fischer

Alyssa Weber

Catherine Fischer (Monthly Winner)

March Winners

Tracy Gaedtke

Lori Schleis

Catherine Fischer

Sandy Radue

Jenny Swokowski (Monthly Winner)

May Winners

Amy Matthias

Chelsea Schneider

Amy Zander

Rochelle Manzano

Kara Sieracki

Cheri Streich (Monthly Winner)

July Winners

Emily Spencer

Ami DePew

Doris Schnelle

Ann Liermann

Jeff & Andrea Dolan (Monthly Winner)

September Winners

Angela Vogt

Trent & Amy Nelson

Julie Schwalbe

Andy & Danielle Plagenz (Monthly Winner)

February Winners

Angelika Melton

Danielle Waak

Emily Vergenz

Sarah Krause

Renee Menges (Monthly Winner)

April Winners

Renee Menges

Nicole Wagner

Holly Zirbel

Julie Schroder

Erin Carrico (Monthly Winner)

June Winners

Lisa Steppe

Tammy Gaedtke

Jenny Swokowski

Erin Thomas

Kelly Ruddat  (Monthly Winner)

August Winners

Jason Sweney

Erik Groll

Dawn Welnicke

Nic Baye

Kris Lischka

Amber Johnson (Monthly Winner)

October Winners

Kendra Feuerstein

Linda Wagner

Christine Brockmann

Joel & Holly Putz

Eric & Becky Schroeder

Chelsea Scheider (Monthly Winner)

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