MLHS Federation

MLHS is governed and operated by a Federation. The Federation consists of 23 member congregations who support the Ministry of MLHS.

Board of Control

MLHS is governed by the Board of Control  consisting of pastors, teachers, staff ministers, and lay leaders that make up the MLHS Federation.

Lakeshore Lutheran Schools

Several of the MLHS Federation churches also have grade schools. The group of these WELS grade schools are called the Lakeshore Lutheran Schools (LLS)



Manitowoc Lutheran High School uses its God-given gifts to help each student become thoroughly equipped for paths of service to our Redeemer.


We use the Word of God in its truth and purity as we:

  • Point our students to the knowledge and joyful assurance of our eternal welfare

  • Worship daily as a school family in chapel and on special occasions

  • Explore it in Religion classes and throughout a curriculum that has today's teen in mind

  • Apply it to the many different situations that arise within our school family

  • Discipline as needed with law, gospel, prayer, and evangelical encouragement

  • Provide a foundation for life-long study of God's holy word

  • Reach out to those who don't know the pure Word of God when we are given the opportunity


We use the facilities we have now and plan for later as we:

  • Preserve our beautiful campus and facility as good stewards of God's blessings

  • Provide ample teaching space and the tools needed to educate and care for today's learners

  • Provide quality spaces that enhance our extracurricular programs

  • Serve as a gathering place for our extended school family and others


We use the tremendous talents of our faculty and staff as we:

  • Encourage our students to discover and make faithful use of their own gifts

  • Instill confidence in our students as they take the next steps in their life-long pursuits

  • Model the blessing and joy of serving the one who has made us his own

  • Model the value of hard work, cooperation with others, and effort to improve

  • Let each student know that they are objects of God's love and ours


We use the wonderful support of our federation as we:

  • Partner with federation members in providing a quality Christ-centered education

  • Maintain and make known a current master site plan

  • Serve as a model of good ministry and evangelical response to God's grace

  • Assist the federation congregations and schools with their own ministries

  • Demonstrate that MLHS is a God-pleasing option to prospective students near and far


We use our broad-based programs of study as we:

  • Give each student a foundation that will allow them to succeed as God blesses them

  • Give attention to individual interests, needs and strengths

  • Prepare students well for post-secondary education, the work force, and military service

  • Incorporate skills that enhance our students' ability for acceptance into post-secondary schools

  • Offer training and encouragement for the public ministry

  • Partner with parents in providing a quality Christ-centered education


We use our diverse extracurricular programs as we:

  • Give each student the opportunity to learn valuable life skills outside the classroom

  • Provide ample opportunities in athletics, fine arts, and service groups

  • Teach the value of healthy competition

  • Allow students to discover, develop and display the talents they have

  • Teach the importance of good sportsmanship, teamwork and being good examples

  • Provide entertainment and edification for those who see us in action

  • Promote God-pleasing school pride

  • Encourage the development of Christian leadership skills

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Manitowoc Lutheran High School History

Manitowoc Lutheran High School made its beginning in 1956. The idea of starting a Manitowoc area Lutheran high school had been discussed by members of the Manitowoc Conference for several years. The first organizational meeting of the Lutheran High School Survey Committee (Rev. V. Weiland, Mr. L. Wehrwein, Teacher E. Kopitske, Teacher F. Manthey, and Mr. C. Sagerman as ex-officio) was held at First German, Manitowoc in February of 1951. In 1952, Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Register of Deeds and the State of Wisconsin in the name of The Manitowoc Conference Lutheran High School Association, Inc. A Board of Directors was elected in 1953 to organize and build support for starting a Lutheran high school in the Manitowoc area. At the Association meeting in May, 1956, the members of the association voted 50 – 5 to start the ninth grade in the fall.

MLHS is a non-profit corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Wisconsin. Financial support comes from the individual members of our 24 federation churches.

Some of the federated churches also have a grade school. There are 12 grade schools in the federation and the group of schools together is referred to the Lakeshore Lutheran Schools (LLS).