The MLHS Wish List is a list of Non-budgeted items to further support the co-curricular programs at MLHS.

If you have any questions please contact Thomas Schneider, MLHS Business Manager at 920-682-0215 x104.

Science Wish List

Data Sensors (12) $36 

Digital Temp Sensor 8 pack (2) $599

NPS Science Lab Table $1812

Social Studies Wish List

New Classroom Whiteboards $1500

Vocational Tech-Ed Wish List

Robotics Room Work Tops $1200

Technology Wish List

Drone with Camera $4,500

Fine Arts Wish List

Tuba $7000

Voice Lesson Learning Aids $310

Cannon EOS Rebel with Lens Kit $700

Tamron SP 70-200mm Zoom Lens for Nikon $900

Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera with Lenses $497

Fujifilm X-A3 Digital Camera with Lens, Tripod Bundle $456

Athletics Wish List

Cross Country - Uniforms $2500

Football - Flex Chute $2500
Football - Hinged Football Goal Post $8000
Football - 5 Helmets $350/each

Football- 2 Crash Pads $3000

Football- Chains $200

Football- Tackling Dummies $1000

Football- Replacement Jerseys $3000

General - Freelap Timing System $2650

General - Just Jump System $695

Track - 6 Hurdles $1,200

E-Sports Wish List

Start-Up Costs for E-Sports- $1,000

Hot Lunch Wish List

MLHS Marketing/Promotions

MLHS Giveaway Hats $1,500

Miscellaneous MLHS GIveaway Items $2,500 

Lancer History Hallway $2,000

Custom 16-inch Macbook Pro $5,000

Properties & Maintenance Wish List

Classroom Renovation (2) $1500

Classroom Doors $7,100

Paint School $3,000

School Van $20,000

MLHS Gift Acceptance Policy

Congregational Remittance Form

If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Hulse, Director of Mission Advancement (920) 682-0215 x100