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MLHS Receives Brighter Image Award

On the evening of Tuesday, October 25th at the Resch Expo in Green Bay, Manitowoc Lutheran High School was one of over 50 schools to be nominated, but the sole winner of the 2022 Brighter Image award from the NEW Manufacturing Alliance. There were many contributing factors, however a large emphasis is on how the local high schools partner with business to to promote careers in manufacturing. When it comes to what is happening around here at MLHS it's no surprise to those who are here each day, but many of you might not know about some of the amazing work being doing right here at MLHS. (To learn more about the NEW Manufacturing Alliance visit their website.)

Did you know that each year MLHS is an active participant in the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program? It has been steadily growing each year. This year we have over 30 students!

Students who qualify, apply for the program, are hired by a local business and are out of the building 2-3 hours per day. The students are working and learning for their potential future careers. They are learning many valuable lessons, as well as presenting themselves as ambassadors of MLHS and their Savior. Over the years we have had students work at many local business who have opened their doors to our students, this year in manufacturing; Lakeside Foods, Manitowoc Heating, Hubbartt Electric, Seiler Brothers, Lusier Plumbing, Sauve's Auto, LDI Industries, Phipps Construction, and Parker Hannefin are among some who are working with our students. We are blessed that we have a community that is willing to work with our students to help better their future, grow in the workplace and mature. To learn more about the Y.A. Program reach out to Guidance Director Ryan Hulse (, or visit the Y.A. Wisconsin website.

Did you know that last year MLHS hosted a "Career Focus Day'?

On the focus day last year MLHS hosted eight professionals from different career fields, students had the opportunity to pick the three sessions which interested them the most. Of the eight choices the students had, two were directly involved in or with manufacturing in their past or present career. The students had the chance to meet with and ask questions after each of the sessions. The idea and hope behind days like this are that our students are able to meet with and talk to professionals in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings of MLHS, allow our students an opportunity they otherwise would not receive, and to welcome members of the community into our building.

Does MLHS offer classes related to a career in manufacturing/trades and the like? MLHS offers a variety of courses that directly apply to a future career in the trades and manufacturing. MLHS offers the following CTE courses: Woods 1, Woods 2, Construction Trades, PLTW Introduction to Engineering, PLTW Aerospace Engineering, and PLTW Principles of Engineering Design, Foods & Nutrition, and Personal Finance.

Back in the early 1950's when planning began to establish a Lutheran high school in Manitowoc the needs of the community were considered, and they are still to this day. Each year MLHS graduates generally take three paths; continuing education (2 or 4 year degree), military, and the workforce. The Mission of MLHS reads:

"Manitowoc Lutheran High School uses its God-given gifts to help each student

become thoroughly equipped for paths of service to our Redeemer."

When Mr. Martin Plocher, CTE Department Chair/Capital Campaign Director, received the award, Christ was at the center of his acceptance speech. We do what we do here at MLHS because of what Christ has done for us, and we are hoping to fulfill our mission of thoroughly equipping each student for paths of service when they leave the doors of this high school. Whether it be as a pastor, teacher, welder, machinist, painter, or nurse... the Lord has blessed each person with unique gifts and talents, here at MLHS we are hoping to uncover and develop each of those. It is with humble thanks we have accepted this award, all Glory goes to the God who makes all things possible.

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Please keep an eye on MLHS social media for the release of the awards ceremony video.


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