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Lancer Express January 17-21, 2022

Staff Message - James Otto

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.” The freshmen heard these words from Juliet in class on Tuesday. She has fallen in love with Romeo, but they can’t be together because their families are fighting. She argues that a name isn’t a hand, arm, or face, so it isn’t important; it is just a word. Romeo should throw his name away to be with her. But a name is important, isn’t it? A name is the word by which people know you. It is also what people know about you. It is your reputation. It might even be something you shared with your spouse when you united in marriage. God goes by many names: Christ, LORD, Immanuel, Jehovah. These names are meaningful. God wants us to learn and proclaim these names, “I will declare your name to my brothers.” (Hebrews 2:12). We hoist God’s name above our heads when we call ourselves Christians. God says to take this seriously. The second commandment expects us to honor God’s name. Get excited about your opportunity each day to bring God’s name glory by the words you choose, friends you keep, and goals you undertake.


Upcoming Events

Pizza Fundraising for Mission Trip

The National Honor Student's are fundraising for a mission trip to Immanuel in Taylor, AZ and Immanuel in Springerville, AZ. The trip will take place from March 24-28, 2022. Students will help with an "Easter for Kids" activity at the local parks and hand out flyers in the nearby neighborhoods. In addition the students will get to sing and play music at both churches for their worship services. Show your support for the Manitowoc Lutheran High School National Honor Society (NHS) Students with prayers and pizza orders! From now until Monday, January 17th, the NHS students will be taking orders for freshly made 12" pizzas! Most meals and housing will be taken care of by the congregation members. Dollars raised will go towards plane tickets for the 12 students and chaperones, (plane tickets are $515 per person), van rental, site seeing entrance fees, and some food. Click here to order your pizza!

PIZZA PICKUP DAY: Sunday, January 30th from 2-4pm at MLHS

Freshman Information Night

Girl's Poms Camp

ACT Prep Sessions for Juniors


Student News

Graduation Keepsakes Calling all Seniors - Congratulations, you will soon be a high school graduate! Many gifts & keepsakes are available to help you memorialize your years in high school, as well as celebrate your accomplishments. For a complete list of pricing and available graduation keepsakes, go to Policy Change - Missing and Late Work As an administrative staff, we have looked at our missing and late work policy and have noticed it isn’t working like we would like it to. Students are still not being prompt with assignments being turned in. We are going to try something different in the 2nd semester that may help to encourage our students to get their work done and done on time. We will reevaluate during summer and officially adopt a new policy then. For now, see below our temporary late and missing policy that we will do for the 2nd semester. Missing work: 7+ policy still applies with no change. Any student with more than 6 missing assignments at weeks end will be ineligible for the week, in addition these students spend time after school (or before) until missing work is done. Assignments still missing and are over 2 weeks old: 1st offense is a 1 hour detention (mutually agreed time between Administration and student) Student are still eligible assuming they aren’t ineligible by another policy. 2nd offense is a 1 hour detention and 1 week ineligibility (students can’t perform (games, concerts, etc…) but could attend practice) 3rd offense is an in school detention and 1 week ineligibility (Students can’t practice or perform for a week) 4th offence, meet with principal and parents and a plan is formed, ineligible for the rest of the semester (part of the plan may be withdraw of a class, directed study hall, after school time, out of extra curricular) Late work: 10 Late assignments is a 1 hour detention (mutually agreed time between Administration and student) students are still eligible, unless another policy puts them as ineligible 15 Late assignments is a 1 hour detention and 1 week ineligibility (students can’t perform (games, concerts, etc…) but could attend practice) 20 Late assignments is an in school suspension and 1 week ineligibility (Students can’t practice or perform for a week) 30 Late assignments is a meeting with principal and parents and academic plan is formed, ineligible for rest of semester As in the past, individual exceptions may occur and will be dealt with as they come up. Communication is key.

Drivers Education Classes at MLHS MLHS offers a classroom for Advantage Driving Center, LLC to come in and teacher drivers education. This class is offered in the spring. If you have a student that would need classes before then, you can feel free to contact Advantage Driving Center, LLC to find out other locations and dates for your student to attend. They also have online classes. Registration is done all through Advantage. MLHS simply provides the classroom. Click below for the 2022 Spring Driver's Education Classes at MLHS.

2022_Driver ed
Download PDF • 74KB

2022 - 2023 School Year Calendar For all you planners out there, here is a calendar for the upcoming school year with no school dates, early dismissal dates and more. For the most part, these dates don't normally change, but with that being said, there could always be some changes as next school year approaches. To get real-time calendar information be sure to verify and confirm these dates with the online school calendar.

MLHS School Events_2022-2023 School Year as o_Michelle Luebke
Download PDF • 352KB

School Pictures Available

Please note that Senior Pictures for the Yearbook are due at the end of February. Have your photographer send your pictures to Mrs. Kock ( The photo can be landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical). Student pictures for Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors are available to order or download through smugmug. Simply find your student picture, click the green "buy photos" button and choose from many size and finish options. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kock.

MLHS Sunday

Did you know that you can enjoy a MLHS Sunday throughout the school year? What is a MLHS Sunday you ask? Our Lancer Singers have a 3-year rotation where they head out to the respective church on the schedule and use their gifts of music to lead you in worship.

Feel free to check out this MLHS Sunday Schedule and consider yourself welcome.


International Student Blessings

For the 21-22 school year, MLHS has been blessed with 10 international students from

China, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Thailand. Of those students, 5 will be earning their high school diplomas in the Spring. One of those students will go on to attend Martin Luther College in the Fall. MLHS currently has one international student in her third year at MLC. MLHS has 9 host families with whom the international students live. Thanks be to God, MLHS has been able to retain and recruit new international students and host families during this unique time of COVID. It is our Lancer Family who has helped us to remain a trusted school community for our international students and their parents.

Beyond all these blessings, we know God’s Word does not come back to Him empty. Two of our international students were recently baptized. Sunny Wang, a Chinese student, graduated in 2021 and was baptized in July of that year. Richard Wang, a Chinese freshman unrelated to Sunny, was baptized in January 2022. We thank God for these special blessings and for this very important ministry of our school!

Next year, MLHS will have new international students from China, Mexico, Spain, and Thailand. The recruiting season is still young, so there may even be more students from around the world who want to study at our high school. Would you consider hosting an international student for the 22-23 school year? Many blessings come with hosting including the opportunity to daily share God’s Word. MLHS values its host families and provides each family with a monthly host stipend. If you have any questions, please contact Nathan King.

Email: / Phone: (920) 682-0215 x 420

MLHS ESports

Manitowoc Lutheran’s first year of esports is winding down. Esports is growing across the country, and all around the world. Esports (short for “electronic sports”) brings the benefit of high school competition to the world of online video games. We have joined the Wisconsin High School Esports Association, competing against other high schools in Wisconsin. While we hope to offer more titles in coming years, this first year we competed in Overwatch, and finished the regular season with a record of 2-6. Playoffs begin January 12, and we will be the 5th seed in our conference. Regardless of how we do in the playoffs, it has been a successful first season!

Big East Honors Band & Choir

The Big East Conference Honor Band & Choir was held on Thursday, January 6th. It was a great and rewarding experience this year. It gave us all an awesome opportunity to be able to perform with many other very talented musicians. It was a great learning and growing experience for everyone involved. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience to play, sing, and grow as individuals as well as a whole group along with people we do not normally have the opportunity to play with. This opportunity allows us to grow and further ourselves as musicians and as members of a larger musical group. We especially enjoyed performing with others from schools in the Big East Conference, and the performance was a great opportunity to showcase the talents among all of our conference schools. So many times we are competing or finding differences among our schools, but this experience allowed us to unite and find a common purpose with our love for music.

Participants were:

Choir- Amelie Doneff, Bella Darvanian, Emma Kracht, Aiden Wagner, Zac Bubolz, Jon Thoma, and Owen Stelzer

Band- Isabella Blauert, Lillian Ruddat, Bowen Gaedtke, Grace Zander, Katie Ungemach, Elijah Ruddat, Joseph Ungemach, Isaiah Ruddat, and Caleb Krahn

Pictures can be found at:

Spirit Wear Available

Are you looking to show your MLHS pride? Our spirit store is fully stocked and make perfect gifts for yourself or anyone on your list. To view and purchase your spirit wear, stop by the SCRIP office anytime during their open hours. The MLHS SCRIP Office is open Monday - Friday, 7:30AM-3:30PM, with additional hours on Thursdays, 4:00PM-6:00PM.



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