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Alumni Newsletter - November 2021

All new gifts made in November toward our building campaign will be matched up to $20,000!

Don't Miss Out: New Gift Match in November Do you remember what it was like to have gym, chapel, and your class all in the same room? Mr. Barthel's class experienced just that during their lab testing of coefficients of friction on the gym floor. Their class time occurred during chapel set up, after Phy. Ed, and before the evening volleyball regional finals. Our students and teachers need your help. If you are considering making a financial gift toward our Campaign, now is the time. During the month of November, every new dollar donation will be doubled to reach our month goal of $50,000. Thank you for making a difference!

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L CREW Celebrates 5 Years

MLHS cannot survive without our volunteers. Lancer Christians Ready Equipped and Willing, better known as L CREW, have been lending a hand for five years, and we could say thank you enough. Just this la