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Alumni Newsletter - December 2021

Bah Humbug.

Maybe it’s the dozens of things that get added to an already-full schedule. Maybe it’s 25 years of ministry experience, watching Jesus get shoved out of the way by Santa and the Elf on a Shelf. Maybe I was just born with a heart 3 sizes too small. Whatever the reason, Christmas has never been my favorite time. Hearing the Christmas songs, that seem to start right after Halloween (Reformation!), makes me want to cover my ears. I’m one of those people for whom this is not “the most wonderful time of the year.”

But every year, without fail, something would happen. During the drudgery, through the gritted teeth, something would get through. Maybe it would be a song on Christmas Eve. Maybe it would be during the sermon on Christmas Day. It didn’t always happen at the same time, but it always happened. The clutter and the nonsense that filled so much of the ramp-up to Christmas would melt away, and all that was left was the baby. The baby born all those year ago, all those miles away, yet born for me. The baby crying in his mother’s arms, who would cry out in agony as he felt God’s full-strength wrath years later. The baby who was laid in a manger, who would later be laid in a tomb, a tomb that he would walk out of in victory. And all for me. To live what I didn’t. To do what I hadn’t. To win what I couldn’t. For me.

Sure, sometimes that gets lost in the chaos that is December. But it’s there. Always. For you. Cherish the gift of your Savior. Celebrate what he gives you. Have a blessed Christmas.

Pastor Rik Krahn Campus Pastor, Theology Department Head (Office) 920.682.0215 ext. 409 (Cell) 920.209.2716


You Make a Difference

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal during our Month of Giving promotion. In two short weeks we reached our goal of $50,000, so we moved our goal to $75,000. Which was surpassed again! In total, we raised nearly $150,000 what a blessing to have such dedicated members of the Lancer family! Please continue to keep the Building our Future on Christ campaign, as well as the students and ministry of MLHS, in your prayers. To find out more information about how to make another one time donation, make a pledge to the campaign, or set up a memorial towards the campaign please contact the Mission Advancement Office.