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Volleyball Season Awards and Summary

Coach Lacey Behnke honored Lancer girls volleyball players with season awards at the recent MLHS Falls Sports Awards Night.

(L to R): Mallory Mehlhorn, MonRaye Ermis, Aubry Schleis, and Emily Marohn receive Season Awards for Volleyball at the recent MLHS Falls Sports Awards Night. Photo: Kris Lischka

Receiving the Lancer Award and Offensive Most Improved Player designation was senior MonRaye Ermis, while Defensive Most Improved Player was junior Mallory Mehlhorn. Lancers chosen by the Big East volleyball coaches as All-Conference Players were senior Aubry Schleis and junior Mallory Mehlhorn (both 1st Team – unanimous), senior Emily Marohn (2nd Team), and MonRaye Ermis (Honorable Mention). Team captains Aubrey Schleis and Emily Marohn were also recognized by Coach Behnke.

Coach Behnke also summarized the season: “Our motto was: ‘Push harder than yesterday if you want a better tomorrow.’ This team had a new appreciation for volleyball. After last year they understood that every day was a blessing. They never took advantage of their time on the court. They tried to live in the moment and appreciate the time they had together. They showed up each day wanting to be better than the day before. They held each other accountable and pushed each other to be their best. Their team chemistry was amazing. They enjoyed spending time together off the court, and on the court they played hard for each other. They wanted to be better not just for themselves but for their teammates. I never had to get on them to work hard. They came to practice every day and understood the task at hand and went after it.”

The Lancer varsity volleyball team finished the season 21-12, with a 6-0 regular conference record, and an 8-1 overall conference record. We were Big East North Division conference champs, and took 2nd place at the overall Big East Conference tournament. We took the WIAA Div. 3 District 4 Regional Championship.

Behnke commented, “Our last talk in the locker room after the Howards Grove loss (in the Sectional semifinals), we reminded the team that even though our season may have come to an end, the legacy they were leaving behind was going to inspire other MLHS teams. Each team has a page in the story of our program. The story this team will leave behind is one of hard work, dedication, passion for the game and the fight to never give up. We told them the way they fought when all odds were against them was inspiring to the younger players sitting in the stands watching. I am so proud of this team. I am proud to call them my players and my family. They all truly made their teammates, school, parents, and their Lord proud. What great role models for the future generations of MLHS volleyball players.”

“Thank you to the parents, fans, and especially the student section. You rocked it this year.”


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