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Life of Christ- Pastor Krahn

Life of Christ- Mr. Uhlhorn

Old Testament- Mr. Holper

BIC 1- Mr. King

Apologetics- Pastor Krahn

Theology of the Cross- Pastor Kock

Deeper Dive into Doctrine- Pastor Krahn

Our Lutheran Heritage- Mr. Ungemach

Christian Life Planning- Pastor Krahn

Lutheran Worship, Music, & The Arts- Mr. Ungemach

Old Testament- Mr. Hulse (Sem. 2)

Social Studies

Economics- Mr. Gurgel

Intro to Psychology- Mr. Barthel

American History- Mr. Dolan

American Government- Mr. Dolan

AP United States History- Mr. Dolan

World History- Mr. Meitner

Geography- Mr. Meitner

Current Issues- Mr. Dolan (Sem. 2)

Geography- Mr. Hulse (Sem, 2)

Fine Arts: Music

Symphonic Band- Miss Scharf

Cantate Choir- Miss Scharf

Concert Choir- Mr. Ungemach

Advanced Music Theory- Mr. Ungemach

General Music- Mr. Ungemach

Junior Lancer Band- Miss Milbrath

Fine Arts: Art

Mixed Media & Sculpture- Mrs. Kock

Photography- Mrs. Kock

Art Introduction- Mrs. Kock

Sciences: Science

Anatomy & Physiology- Mr. Foelske

Honors Physics- Mr. Barthel

Honors Chemistry- Mr. Barthel

EnvironmentalMr. Barthel

Biology- Mr. Foelske

Introduction to Chemistry- Mr. Muchka

Introduction to Physics- Mr. Muchka


Construction Trades

Foods & Nutrition- Mss Scharf

Independent Living- Mr. Meitner

PLTW Aerospace Engineering- Mr. Plocher

PLTW Intro to Engineering Design- Mr. Plocher

PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science- Mr. Foelske

Woods 1- Mr. Stuebs


Sciences: Health & PhyEd

Physical Education 9- Mr. Gurgel

Health- Mr. Hulse

Lifetime Sports & Activities- Mr. Gurgel

Fitness Leadership & Exercise- Mr. Hulse (Sem. 2)

Comm. Arts: English

English 9- Mr. Otto

English 9- Mrs. Hochmuth

Composition & Speech- Mrs. Hulse

American Literature- Mr. Otto

British Literature- Mrs. Hulse

AP English Language & Composition- Mrs. Hulse


ESL 2- Mr. King

ESL 4- Mr. King


Algebra 1 - Mr. Loberger

Algebra 2- Mrs. Pautz

AP Calculus AB- Mr. Hochmuth

Geometry- Mrs. Pautz

Honors Algebra 2 & Trigonometry- Mr. Hochmuth

Honors Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry- Mr. Hochmuth

Pre-Algebra- Mr. Hochmuth

Statistics- Mr. Hochmuth

Comm.Arts: World Language

Spanish 1- Miss Bosin

Spanish 2- Miss Bosin

Spanish 3- Mrs. Pautz


Accounting- Mr. Gurgel

Intro to Business- Mr. Gurgel

Marketing in the Digital Era- Mr. Gurgel

Personal Finance- Mr. Marohn

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