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MLHS Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch is offered every day

(with some exception to ½ days) - Prices are subject to change

  • The cost of one meal is $4.75, and includes an entrée, side, and unlimited salad bar.

  • Milk is extra and cost $0.35/carton

  • Bottle Beverage is extra and cost $1.00 for bottled water, $2.00 for Propel $1.75  for juice.

  • Mondays will be Dominos Pizza Day or Cousin's Sub Day (Milk and bottled beverages will also be available on Mondays.)

    • Pizza is $1.25/slice & Salad is $1.25/bowl (includes a pick your own salad toppings bar)

    • Subs are 7.5 inches and cost $4.75. Chips-50cents and bananas- 25cents will also be available.

  • Students will use their lunch pin to enter into a keypad to pay for their lunch and pizza - NO CASH NECESSARY!

  • Parents can add money on student’s account anytime by sending an email to Hot Lunch ( requesting the amount that you would like to add to your student’s account, and it will appear on your next TADS statement. If your child's account is negative you will get an automated email from PowerSchool on Mondays, and you can email Hot Lunch ( stating how much you want added. Otherwise, MLHS will automatically charge your TADS at least $50, and that will be added to their lunch account.

  • Parents will be able to check your balance and students daily transactions through PowerSchool.

  • If Students bring food from home, parents and their children are responsible for proper care of that food.

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