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SCRIP Newsletter - January 2022

The MLHS Scrip program celebrated 25 years in 2021. To celebrate, we had a weekly drawing of a $25 gift card and a monthly drawing of a $100 gift card. We hope that you have enjoyed learning how to use the RaiseRight app and found it user friendly and convenient.

Congratulations to our latest winners, as well as all of our winners this past year!!!!


Charitable Contribution Statements

A change in the SCRIP program has made it possible for your SCRIP rebates that are allocated to MLHS to be a potential tax deduction. If you think you qualify for a tax deduction, please email the SCRIP office at to receive a statement of your charitable contributions for 2021. The request needs to be in written form. Please

include your name, phone number, email address and mailing address. All requests must

be received to the SCRIP office by Monday, January 31, 2022.


A Few Reminders

*Submitting bills to the SCRIP office - If there is a (submit bill) after a vendor on the SCRIP

order form, the bill can be submitted to the SCRIP office and paid directly to the vendor

for you. The SCRIP office sends the submitted bill (along with payment) to the vendor to

assure that the correct account is being credited.