Welcome to Junior Lancers
Program Mission
The Manitowoc Lutheran Junior Lancer Sports Programs are designed to provide students in the MLHS Federation congregations and grade schools with the opportunity to play together in various team sports. In doing so, we strive to further build their skills as well as their attitude of Christian sportsmanship.

Basketball (Feb - Apr)
The Jr. Lancer Basketball boys' and girls' programs are designed to be spring tournament teams. The programs are open to any student of the MLHS Federation in grades 5-8, and are intended to provide a smooth transition from grade school basketball to MLHS basketball, while builiding relationships with future classmates.

Cross Country (Jun-Oct)

Manitowoc Lutheran will be sponsoring a Jr. Lancer Cross Country program this summer and next fall. This program is open to boys and girls that will be in grades 5-8 next fall. Mr. Joel Putz will be the coach, in conjunction with the MLHS coaching staff. He teaches 2nd grade at Immanuel and is an avid runner himself. There will be a $30 fee which will cover a team jersey, (yours to keep after the season) summer training sessions, fall practices, and about 5 or 6 meets. It is theoretically possible to do both Jr. Lancer Cross Country and Football, but there will be conflicts between practices and games.For more information please contact:Tom Dewane - tom.dewane@jaystreettech.com

Football (Aug - Oct)
The Jr. Lancer Football team belongs to the Between the Lakes League, comprised of 13 other teams throughout northeast Wisconsin. We field three levels of teams: a combined 5th & 6th grade team, a 7th grade team, and an 8th grade team.  Home games are played on MLHS' Lancer Field.

Wrestling (Jan - March)
Jr. Lancer Wrestling instruction is geared to the age of the students. Beginning wrestlers are presented with the foundation skills required. New skills are introduced each week of the Club. The emphasis is placed on step-by-step mastery of each move and understanding the principles involved, in order to make the wrestler successful in competition.

Baseball (May - July)
The Jr. Lancer Baseball program participates in the Lakeshore Baseball League. The program is open to boys of the MLHS Federation in grades 5-8, and is intended to provide a smooth transition from grade school baseball to MLHS baseball, while building relationships with future classmates. Home games and practices at MLHS. About 20 games starting late May (weekdays only; 1 weekend tourney hosted by us to raise funds).