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Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC)
The SCRIP Office works through the Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC). Great Lakes SCRIP Center serves non-profit organizations and major US retailers through innovative SCRIP fundraising programs. 
GLSC has long standing relationships with America's most trusted retail brands including Walmart®, Bath & Body Works®, Burger King®, Gap®, The Home Depot®, JCPenney®, Taco Bell®, Marriott®, Red Lobster®, Olive Garden®, Target®, ExxonMobil®and Sears® to name just a few. Click here for the complete list of retail brands.

Great Lakes SCRIP Center is so big and allows access to retailers all over the world. Each retailer offers different percentages of returns to Manitowoc Lutheran High School. The Manitowoc Lutheran High School SCRIP Office has put together a SCRIP Order Form which contains many local vendors who are able to offer more in a return to MLHS because they are local and chose to donate more to their local High School. 

Want to purchase, reload, or print your SCRIP online? 

Call the SCRIP Office and they will enroll your family on shopwithscrip.comThis is a convenient way to order your SCRIP gift cards online. You can place your order anytime, day or night. It is easy and simple!

Step 1 - Contact the SCRIP Office (920) 682-0215 x116 to obtain your username &  temporary password.
DO NOT set up your account on your own! 

Step 2 - Once your online account is set up, go to "ShopWithScrip" link any time, day or night!

Step 3 - Enjoy shopping online!

Once you have your online account set up, you can make use of all the great features that ShopWithScrip has to offer:

  • Use PrestoPay – electronic funds transfer system directly from your checking or savings account
  • Reload cards online Please note: to reload a card it initially had to be purchased through the MLHS SCRIP Office (via Great Lakes Scrip Center) in order to receive tuition credits on the reload. A full list of reload cards and ScripNow ecards can be viewed at
  • Buy Scripnow – download and print ecards within minutes
  • Check your activity online
  • MyScripWallet MyScripWallet is earning Manitowoc Lutheran High School tuition credits at your fingertips! It uses your existing ShopWithScrip® and PrestoPay account, so you have access to more than 250 of your favorite brands available in ScripNow eCards, and over 75 brands that can be reloaded. MyScripWallet offers the widest selection of electronically delivered products and the highest rebates available anywhere, and all of your orders will be tracked on your ShopWithScrip account. MyScripWallet is currently supported on iPhone and Android devices. Visit and try it today!
If you have any questions on anything, the SCRIP Office is happy to help. Just call them at (920) 686-6711 or email them today.
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