Announcements: Updates
This page has been created to help us keep you updated on the latest decisions regarding your high school relating to the COVID-19 virus. Be sure to check out the most recent update for the most current information, things can quickly change.
UPDATE: Monday, April 20, 2020

Please click here to see the video announcement of how MLHS will operate from here until the last day of school. Below is a summary of what is in the video. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mr. Uhlhorn with your questions at
  • No Exam special schedules or review day (teachers may still have students do exams, just not a special schedule)
  • New Last day of School is May 22nd
  • We will run 4 day weeks for the rest of the year (we have been doing this anyway since we started online learning)
  • Wednesday will be a Flex day  (No School, but other activities will happen that day including helping students with missing work, clubs or groups meeting to finish tasks for the school year, other year end tasks that need to get done)
  • Potential for May 26-29th to be days when students can come to school and collect their items and hand books and computers in (more details on this as more info comes from our state leaders)
  • Graduation still being planned for May 30th
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