Tuition Assistance at MLHS
MLHS Tuition Assistance Information

Christian education is a blessing. The 24 WELS congregations that own and operate Manitowoc Lutheran High School have recognized this since 1956. The opportunity to assist families in educating the minds AND souls of their teens is a humbling responsibility and privilege for our faculty, staff, and board. Thank you for this opportunity!
We are incredibly grateful to our Heavenly Father who each year moves the hearts of alumni, grandparents and friends to donate toward MLHS’ Tuition Assistance Program. This program is designed to help families in need with the financial costs of education. Together with earnings from our Endowment Fund, and contributions from Repeat Performance Resale Store, we are able to make it possible for more families to afford Lutheran secondary education at MLHS.
Financial Assistance Opportunities

Congregational Assistance – Many congregations offer their own tuition assistance programs for their members. Please contact your pastor for information and instructions on applying.

MLHS Needs-Based Tuition Assistance (NBTA)*
To be considered for MLHS Tuition Assistance, you will need to fill out the online financial aid form.

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP)*
This program is sponsored by the state of Wisconsin. NOTE: If your income falls within the levels indicated and you wish to be considered for MLHS assistance, you must also apply for WPCP. 
Family Income at or below for
one-parent Household
Family Income at or below for
two-parent (married) Household
1 $27,478 $34,478
2 $37,202 $44,202
3 $46,926 $53,926
4 $56,650 $63,650
5 $66,374 $73,374
6 $76,098 $83,098
For each additional member add $9,724

Families may apply their SCRIP Account proceeds toward tuition. Information on redeeming these funds will be made available to each family in May. For those new to SCRIP, it is a great way to earn tuition credits for current or future tuition. Visit for more information.

*PLEASE NOTE: Applications for NBTA and WPCP are two separate online applications. Please consult the following table for important dates as they pertain to your family situation.
Please follow the instructions below that pertain to your family.

New or Returning Student applying for MLHS NBTA and not applying for WPCP - Login with your TADS username and password. Use the TADS Financial Aid Worksheet to gather all of the information you will need to complete the online MLHS NBTA application (TADS Financial Aid Application).

New Family applying for WPCP - Complete WPCP Application by 4/15/20 5/14/2020 (If voucher is not awarded in early June then fill out MLHS NBTA application.)

Returning Family Re-applying for WPCP - Complete WPCP Application by 4/15/20 5/14/2020. (If voucher is not awarded in early June then fill out the MLHS NBTA application.)

Combination (eg. a student that received a WPCP last year and now you have a new student or visa versa) - Contact the MLHS Office for instructions, 920-682-0215 x111.

February 3rd WPCP Online Student Application is OPEN!
February 3rd MLHS NBTA Online Application is OPEN!
May 14th WPCP Application Deadline
Mid-May MLHS families are notified of MLHS NBTA award
May 15th SCRIP redemption forms are due
End of May WPCP Notifies families of Vouchers
June 15th Families select their tuition payment plan (one payment, two payments, automatic monthly payments, etc.)
July Monthly tuition installments and incidental billing plans begin
July 1st Pay-in-full & first semester lump sum payments due (if paying in full you receive a 3% discount, but must be received by July 1st)
Jan. 1st Second semester lump sum payment is due for those who choose two payments. 
Payment Options Available

ALL families will be registered through MLHS’ automated payment service after enrollment is completed. You will receive an email invite from that service to select your payment plan and finalize account information. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express will be accepted for tuition payments (subject to applicable service charges).  There are 3 payment options:
  • Pay in full to receive 3% discount (withdrawal on or before July 1st. 
  • Two Payments (1st withdrawal on July 1st, and 2nd withdrawal on January 1st)
  • Automatic Monthly Withdrawal (July-May)


“Manitowoc Lutheran High School uses its God-given gifts to help each student become thoroughly equipped for paths of service to our Redeemer.”
Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Should I consider applying for MLHS Needs-Based Tution Assistance (NBTA)?

A) MLHS wishes to help families committed to Christian education for their high school student.  Financial, special circumstances, and additional factors are considered. Families are encouraged to apply for MLHS NBTA.

Q) Why is there a fee to apply for MLHS NBTA?

A) There are several factors to this question:
1) In order to evaluate all families fairly and consistently, assistance applications require financial information from the applicants. In order to protect families' privacy and ensure the security of this information, MLHS uses an evaluation formula through TADS. There is a cost related to utilizing this service. The cost is per family applying, not per student.

2) The first time a new family applies for NBTA, MLHS will cover the cost of that application  ($39). Should that family apply again in future years, the family will be responsible for the fee.

3) In the event a family applies for and is awarded NBTA, MLHS will cover that fee through the amount of assistance provided.

Q) How is assistance from my congregation handled?

A) Many congregations provide tuition assistance to their members. Each has its own method, criteria, and timeline. MLHS treats congregation assistance as an extra payment to your family account, once it is actually received form the congregation by our Business Office. In the event a student is awarded a WPCP voucher payment, the family is to contact the congregation to let it know its tuition assistance is no longer needed for that student's tuition.
"To Our God and Father be glory forever and ever" ~ Philippians 4:20