Please view our Course of Study Booklet for course offerings at MLHS

A minimum of 24 credits are required for graduation.
Course Type MLHS Graduation Requirement College Entrance Required
Religion 4.0 0.0
English 4.0 4.0
Social Studies 3.0 3.0
Mathematics 3.0 3.0
Science 2.0
(3.0 for classes of 2018+)
World Languages 0.0 2.0
Core College Curriculum See elective listings in Course of Study Booklet 2.0
Physical Education 1.5 0.0
Computer 0.5 0
Health 0.5 0.0
Music 0.5 0.0
General Electives 5.0
(See elective listings in Course of Study Booklet)
(See core college curriculum)
Mathematics at MLHS
Please refer to the MLHS Math Course Flowchart to plan out your course selections.
Association for Lutheran High Schools Online (ALHS)
The 25 WELS Lutheran high schools and the two WELS preparatory schools have banded together to form the Association of Lutheran High Schools (ALHS). This group supports and encourages the ministry of secondary education in WELS. Other groups that are interested in and support the work of the ALHS include the WELS Commission on Lutheran Schools, Ministerial Education, Martin Luther College, and Wisconsin Lutheran College. Please see the ALHS material below.

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