Since 1956
The Christian education of children is first and foremost the responsibility and obligation of parents. The church also has a command from God to provide Christian education and training. As an extension of area WELS congregations, Manitowoc Lutheran High School exists to assist Christian parents in meeting their obligation to provide a comprehensive Christian education for their sons and daughters.
Planting the Seeds 1950-1956
The idea of starting a Manitowoc area Lutheran high school had been discussed by members of the Manitowoc Conference for several years. The first organizational meeting of the Lutheran High School Survey Committee (Rev. V. Weiland, Mr. L. Wehrwein, Teacher E. Kopitske, Teacher F. Manthey, and Mr. C. Sagerman as ex-officio) was held at First German, Manitowoc in February of 1951.
In 1952, Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Register of Deeds and the State of Wisconsin in the name of The Manitowoc Conference Lutheran High School Association, Inc.  A Board of Directors was elected in 1953 to organize and build support for starting a Lutheran high school in the Manitowoc area.

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"To Our God and Father be glory forever and ever" ~ Philippians 4:20