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Name any of the original six teachers at MLHS?

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Q: Name the Four MLHS Science Teachers A: Wayne Foelske, Joel Barthel, Marty Plocher, Ryan Holper Winner: N. Winter
Q: Where did MLHS play their football games back in the 1960s A: Municipal Field Winner: N. Wagner
Q: Who is the composer of the hit song "Stardust"? A: Hoagy Carmichael Winner: C. Stanzel
Q: What hymn was sung at the meeting referred to in the 11/7/19 blog post A: With the Lord Begin Thy Task Winner: No Winner
Q: What article in the Augsburg Confession deals with repentance? A: Article XII Winner:No Winner
Q: Who was the quarterback of the Oakland Raiders in 1968? A: Daryle Lamonica Winner: C. Stanzel
Q: Who was board chairman in the fall of 1999? A: Bruce Matthias Winner: No Winner
Q: Who edited the catechism that followed the brown catechism? A: David P. Kuske Winner: C.
Q: What Gershwin Film was released in February of 1957? A: Funny Face Winner: C. Allen
Q: How many freshmen were there in the thrid year of MLHS existence? A: 30 Winner: No Winner
Q: What congregation had a vicar who was asked to fill the teaching vacancy? A: First German Winner: No Winner
Q: What rooms were listed as being not used anymore in the survey? A: The goal was to get classes out of the basement classrooms! Winner:  J. Ungemach
Q: What was Pastor Goldammer's First Name? A: Carl Winner: K. Rosera
Q: What church was considered as a possible place for the first ninth grade to begin? A: Bethany Winner: No Winner
Q: Please share what you feel is the most "inspiring" thing from the history of MLHS for you personally?    
Q:  Name any two ALHS that started in 1979?  A: Winner: No Winner
Q: How many congregations are officially in the MLHS Federation? A: 23 Winner: No
Q: In what year was First German begun? A: 1855 Winner: C. Allen
Q: Who was the first WELS pastor in the Manitowoc area? A: Pastor  Goldammer Winner: No Winner
Q: How many of our international students are off to MLC next year? A: 1 (Regina Lou) Winner: R. Menges
Q: How much did the Sundt property cost (nearest thousand) ? A: between 9 &  10 thousand dollars Winner: No Winner
Q: 14 started out in the class of 1960. How many graduated? A: 17 Winner:
C. Allen
Q: What was First German's original name? A: Trinity Winner: J. Ungeamach
Q: What year did Peter Nass graduate? A: 1974 Winner:
C. Allen
Q: When do you thing MLHS "arrived"?    
Q: In what year did the WELS officially begin? A:  1850 Winner:
Q: What was the name of the school that inhabited the first MLHS building beforehand? A: Madison School Winner:
C. Allen
Q: What department issued the certificate mentioned in the blog? A:  Department of State Winner: No Winner
Q: What is the amount that the choice program contributes to schools per student right now? A:$8400 Winner:
S. Rahmlow
Q: What kind of plant did Pastor use for his visual aid? A: Hibiscus Winner:
Q: Karen's 800 tim remains a school record, what was her best time? A: 2:19 Winner:
No Winner
Q: Who was the leading rusher for the team and in conference during the 
1975 MLHS football season
A: Dave Kapplemann Winner:
D.  Huebner
Q: What was Mr. Steinbrenner's oft-used tag-line for the school day? A: "It's a great day to be a Lancer." Winner:
C. Lorenz
Q: Who was Hazel Barthels' father? A: Pastor Zell Winner:
C. Allen
Q: What year did Scott Reinhard graduate? A: 1989 Winner:
D. Lafleur
Q: How many years did Mr. Sonntag serve as MLHS Registrar? A:24 years Winner:
No Winner
Q: What were Lutheran elementary schools originally called? A: Day schools Winner: No Winner
Q: Who was the first Lancer "Swing Choir"Director? A: Robert Sonntag Winner:
C. Allen
Q: What state was the first to use public funding to help families afford private schools? A: Wisconsin Winner:
P. Hollatz
Q: Which congregation is the most recent to join the federation A: Immanuel, Kewaunee Winner:
B. Wendt
Q: What was tuition in 2009? A: $4800 Winner: 
R. Menges
Q: From Grandparents Day, what was the most number of grandchildren anyone has had that attended MLHS? A: 8 Winner:
N. Winter
Q: Who became principal in the year of the 911 tregedy? A: Dennis Steinbrenner Winner: 
S. DeCleene
Q: How do you say "anniversray" in Spanish? A: aniversario
No Winner
Q: What was planned by the city to replace the old school building? A: Tennis Courts Winner: N. Winter
Q: How many MLHS graduates are currently on the faculty this year? A: 4 Winner:
A. Winter
Q: In what year did MLHS become "Smoke Free"? A: 1991 Winner:
No Winner
Q: In what year did the survey committee function? A: 1951 Winner:
C. Allen
Q:Who was principal at MLHS in the year 2000? A: Mr. Kurt Troge Winner:
Abbey B.
Q: Who did MLHS purchase the property from to build MLHS? A: Sundt Winner:
C. Kasten
Q: How much did it cost to get everything ready for 9th grade to begin in 1956? A: $10,300 to prepare the school along with  $1 per year to lease Madison Grade School Winner:
C. Allen
Q: How many windows were in the original school building that had to get fixed? A: 55 Winner:
No Winner
Q: In what year were the science rooms upgraded? A: 2012 Winner:
J. Barthel
Q:  What year did the Lancer mascot become the school mascot? A: 1958-1959 Winner:
C. Allen
Q: What bank did the loan come from to build MLHS? A: Two Rivers Savings and Loan Bank Winner:
C. Allen
Q: What school is pictured in the picture of the week? A: St. John's Two Rivers Winner:
N. Winter
Q: What was the larges graduating class ever at MLHS? A: 96 graduates, class of 1999 Winner: 
C. Allen
Q: Where in the Manitowoc Conference did Pastor Zell serve? A: St. Peter's in Mishicot Winner:
J. Ungemach
Q: Who was the preacher at the 50-year anniversary service? A: Pastor Klusmeyer Winner:
C. Allen
Q: What did the students lovingly call  
Mr. Walter Lutze?
A: "Uncle Walter" Winner:
No Winner
Q: Who was the first music director at MLHS that directed the first MLHS Christmas Concert? A: Fred Manthey Winner: L. Schneider
Q: What year di the weekly update called the Lancer exPRESS begin? A: 2014 Winner:
R. Menges
Q: What was Mr. Manthey's nickname used by his friends & collegues? A: Fritz Winner:
D. Huebner
Q: What brand of computers did MLHS first use? A: Commodore Winner:
T. Winter
Q: What year did Repeat Performance open its doors? A: 2005 Winner:
P. Kluenker
Q: What band did the student's from 1990-19191 pick as their favorite band? A: Poison Winner:
No Winner
Q: Igmar, the first foreign-exchange student, was from a small town near what German city? A: Munich Winner:
A. & N. Winter
Q: What was the '75 football team's overall record? A: 5-0 in league, 7-1 overall. Winner:
N. Winter
Q: Who won the 1967 Lutheran Invitational Tournament (LIT)? A: Northwestern Prep 75 vs. Dr. Martin Luther High School 72.  Winner:
No Guesses
Q: Where was the origianal lunch room located in 1967? A: 1st Floor where main hallway and locker room hallway intersect. Winner:
S. Rahmlow
Q: Where was/is Millersville A: Howards Grove Winner: J. Ungemach

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