Campus Improvements
Since 1956, the Lord has allowed our school to provide excellent secondary education to over 3,300 teens. From our humble beginnings in a condemned building on State St. in Manitowoc, God has blessed MLHS with dedicated families desiring a Christ-centered foundation for their children.

Below are projects we have been blessed to complete in recent years.  
THANK YOU to all who make these projects possible through your prayers and financial support!
Used for concerts, drama productions, worship services, and pep band performances during athletic contests, our stage took a beating over the years!  With the first year of separating the single Sunday Showcase event day into two separate events, over $55,000 was raised to replace the stage flooring, fire curtain, and lighting controls.  Stage extensions were also purchased to provide more space for performances to offset the lack of space for set backdrops, risers, and storage backstage.

Renovation and improvement efforts over the prior decade focused more heavily on first-floor classrooms.  Proceeds from this year’s Sunday Showcase auction were directed to remedy that disparity with the following projects:
  • Replacement of all pneumatic heating controls with electronic controls.  Heating and ventilation were improved in all rooms, and increased efficiency will save money on heating bills for years to come!
  • Remodeled computer lab to improve space and layout for implementing technology in business classes as well as independent study.
  • Replacement of lighting fixtures with energy efficient models in three classrooms.
  • Replacement of 1966 floor tile in three classrooms to tie in with hallway color pattern.
  • Installation of window blinds on all windows throughout the building to provide room cooling and darkening benefits especially in south-facing windows, as well as consistent, attractive appearance.
In addition, the gym floor received a new finish, and we continue to chip away at replacing doors throughout older sections of the building.

Largely unchanged since construction in 1966, these rooms were very outdated and in need of repair.  Used by high school sports teams, phy-ed classes, and grade school tournaments, traffic was significantly largely than originally intended.  Through proceeds from the 2014 Sunday Showcase, special gifts, and a bequest earmarked for our building, this summer-long project included:
  • Replacement of all undersized lockers in both the boys’ and girls’ rooms.
  • Replacement of lighting and plumbing fixtures with energy efficient models.
  • Repair of all shower facilities (much of which hadn’t worked properly for some time).
  • Removal of VCT tile, instead polishing the underlying concrete for greater moisture resistance AND significant decrease in annual maintenance time.
  • Repair of ventilation systems for greater air circulation and moisture removal.
Having been awarded a grant through the NFL Grassroots Program, comprehensive improvements were undertaken to bring more people to our campus and decrease travel time for our students participating in these sports.  Improvements included:
  • Replacement of old wooden bleachers (which no longer met municipal or safety codes) with aluminum bleachers, improving safety and increasing seating capacity from @ 400 to 800.
  • Installation of a protective fence around the football field.  This fence allowed us to ensure a “secured facility” for crowd control, meeting WIAA standards to host post-season games.
  • Repair & upgrade electrical service and lighting of the football field.
  • Completion of game condition softball and baseball diamonds.  Spring of 2014 saw the first varsity home games hosted on our own campus, reducing travel and scheduling problems and eliminating competition for the limited fields available in the city of Manitowoc.
As a result of our Phase 3 "Proclaiming Christ Today & Tomorrow" Capital Campaign, three rooms (the biology lecture/lab, the chemistry/physics lecture/lab, and the physical science tiered lecture) were renovated.

Science classes have become more popular among students and desirable to post-secondary education institutions, and the MLHS Federation's improvement to these facilities demonstrates a commitment to the education of EVERY student that passes through our doors.  Education style and learning needs have changed over the years.  Benefits of this renovation included:
  • Updated safety features and ventilation
  • Improved, energy-efficient lighting and increased natural lighting
  • Integration of modern technology (Interactive-projectors and Smart sympodiums)
  • Flexible lab options (allowing greater student involvement)
  • Expanded learning areas for both lecture and lab
Through funding from MLHS' annual Sunday Showcase auction event, as well as individual donations through our "Feature the Bleachers" fund drive, the summers of 2009 and 2010 revealed a tremendous makeover in our gymnasium. Improvements included:
  • Stripping & re-painting the floor with an all new design & color scheme
  • Installing new, energy-efficient lighting
  • Re-painting the walls
  • Installing a new, decorative wooden stage surround
  • Replacing the old, unsafe, and out-of code bleachers
  • Installing new scoreboards (in the gym AND the football field)
The Borgwardt Family Memorial Music Center was constructed in 2008, and provides space for all band, choral, and drama programs at MLHS. Over 2/3 of our student body participates somehow in the Fine Arts programs. In addition, the Lakeshore Lutheran Chorale adult choir, Lakeshore Lutheran Youth Choir and Middle School Band programs practice in this beautiful facility. This additional space also allowed us to relocate a number of Art classrooms out of the basement, providing a greatly improved learning environment for students in those classes as well.  This addition has also MLHS to host the summer Lutheran Vanguard Marching Band and WELS Choral Fest.

Our first major renovation in over 20 years, the construction of a student commons at the north end of our school provided numerous benefits to our students, Federation congregations & schools, and community. The Commons serves as a gathering place for students awaiting practices and rehearsals before & after school, a study hall throughout the day, and our cafeteria. It also provides a great place to gather during high school athletic contests, grade school events, concerts, & worship services.  With the charge to "benefit as many students as dramatically as possible, as quickly as possible" in all campus projects, the Commons also allowed us to move classrooms out of the basement to more education-appropriate space in prior second-floor study hall rooms.
“A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” ~ Proverbs 11:25