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Staff Message - Pastor Kock

My wife and I drove to Georgia—where our daughter and family live—this time. It’s a fourteen hour drive, and usually we would fly. But this time we brought a special “gift” with us—a band saw that our son-in-law chose from my father-in-law’s leftover shop equipment. It took up a lot of the back seat area of our smaller car. It also created a bit of a driving challenge—the view from the rear view mirror was somewhat obstructed. That necessitated some extra defensive driving on my part. But we made it fine. And he is very happy with his new toy.

Here we are at the end of another calendar year! How’s the view of what’s behind you? Do you feel like you are still faced with challenges because of the obstructions in your way? Are there still uncertainties about your health…your finances…your employment…your future career? Do you feel like you have to be extra defensive because the past has shown how uncertain things can become? You’re certainly not alone if you do.

If I had only kept looking at what was behind me while driving to Georgia I would have lost sight of what was ahead of me. And that would have been more than just challenging…that would have been disastrous. So also is it important for you and me to not only concentrate on what’s behind us, but to look forward to the blessings and opportunities that God has in store for us in the year to come! There are beautiful scenes of love and friendship ahead of us. There are family moments to share. There will be opportunities to worship together with fellow Christians, where we’re reminded again and again that we’re not alone on this journey through life. And, there will be wonderful opportunities to bring the happy news of the Savior Jesus to others.

That’s our most special gift!

“For all have sinned…and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” Romans 3:23-24


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