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This three-story brick school was built in 1872 and was originally called Madison School. According to A History of the Madison School publication, it was also sometimes referred to as the Northside School, or the Second Ward School, and the Park School.  Read more here...
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This is the 1966-1967 Lancer Varsity Boys Basketball Team. Players names are Bob Krueger (10), Warren Root (12), Mark Klein (14), Dave Korte (20), Randy Kastner (22), Paul Bruss (24), Dave Radue (30), Paul Brachmann (32), Richard Rusch (34), Jerry Menges (40), Dave Menges (42), Douglas Barthels (44); Managers: C. Haakenson, A. Vetting; Coach: Richard Winter; Cheerleaders: Christine Duebner, Carla Bialkowski, Joanne Timm, Lois Barta, Sharon Buth.
Lancers Goal Undented, Win Bay-Lakes Grid Crown
By Dennis Hernet
Sports Editor

"Coach Fred Heidrich breathed a big sigh of relief. It was like the mythical world being lifted from his shoulders. “I never want to go through anything like that again,” he commented, almost under his breath, as he left the Lutheran High Lancers football field Saturday afternoon..."  Read More Here
First Foreign-Exchange Student
This is a picture of Pastor Schlei and Ingmar Niemann, the first foreign-exchange student at Manitowoc Lutheran High School.
Junior Senior Banquet 1991
This picture was taken at Junior/Senior Banquet (that was our prom) in 1991. The banquet was held at the Lighthouse Inn and we had a hypnotist as our entertainment. We then had a parent-sponsored dance held at the Lincoln Park Fieldhouse. We were not allowed to slow dance at that time so the dance needed to be held off campus and sponsored by the parents. The students in the picture are (L to R) Tim Dolan ('92), John Eberhardt ('91), Steve Potthast ('92), Mike Rohr ('92), Chris Tisler ('92), Craig Swiontek ('91), Tom Bruss ('91), and Matt Becker ('92). 
Repeat Performance
When Repeat Performance started in 2005, there were high expectations, but they were human expectations. The founders quickly learned that God's expectations far exceeded theirs. Repeat Performance grew from a small base of volunteers to a large group of over a hundred. The proceeds from these efforts lowered tuition this year for each student by almost $800!

Spring of 2016 Repeat Performance was excited to discover that the store reached the Million Dollar mark in total gifts to the school over its history! Donations keep pouring in, and the store is bursting at the seams. Repeat Performance could easily double its physical size with the help of more volunteers to run it.
The store has made its mark in the community as well. In the past 3 years it was voted Best Resale Shop along the Lakeshore twice, and runner up once. People comment on the cleanliness of the store, the variety of merchandise at affordable prices, and the friendliness of the workers. You can be a part of this worthwhile organization in 4 ways: Volunteer, Donate, Shop, and Promote our store. Be sure to like and share us on Facebook as well!
Mr. Frederick Manthey
As recorded in the 1964 yearbook, a dedication to Mr. Frederick Manthey.
"To Mr. Frederick Manthey, who worked untiringly for the establishing of Manitowoc Lutheran High School and who dedicated himslef to the task of bringing a Christcentered training to the students of our school, we, the graduating calss of 1964, dedicate this, our yearbook.

We are most grateful to Mr. Manthey for his many hours of diligent work and concentrated effort given to each student. He was never too busy to lend a helping hand to anyone who sought his assistance. In his teaching, Mr. Manthey sought to make each subject purposeful for our life's work. Above all, he pointed out the importance of the Christian way of life, and urged his students always to remember that they are members of the family of Christ.

The year 1964 not only marks the yedar of graduation for us Seniors, but it also brings close to Mr. Manthey's years of service at MLHS. As we leave our alma mater for various fileds of labor, and as Mr. Manthey leaves to work at Dr. Martin Luther High School, we part with a feeling of gratitude to our friend and teacher. May God grant him understanding and wisdom to continue guiding and directing other 'teenagers' along the road of life, on the way to the greater goal in heaven."
This picture was taken in the area east of the old Madison School.  The area was used for parking and physical education classes.  
One of the Christmas Concerts directed by Mr. Manthey. This picture was taken at Trinity, Liberty on Wehausen Road.
An excerpt from the 1976 yearbook: "Many people have rendered invaluable assistance to our school over the years; it is all in this brief history capsule. However, one man stands out clearly in the minds of every MLHS student over the years. A staunch supporter of our school and a willing hand in whatever work was needed, Mr. Walter Lutze has been active in many phases of student life and activity over the years. Take a few minutes sometime and count all of the doors in the school - he sanded and stained every one of them. Affectionately known as "Uncle Walter," he still helps out as part-time custodian. But if you are wondering what went wrong at the last basketball game, he is an accurate judge of that too."
This is a picture of the very first graduating class from MLHS. The class of 1960.
This is St. John's Lutheran school in Two Rivers.  It opened around 1905 and was used until the end of 1999, when the new school on 45th St. was completed.  It was torn down a few years later and is now a parking lot. 
"This was up when I was in H.S. before the first building addition (commons). It's all the federation churches that are in the area and support MLHS. It also added the two shovels that were used when ground breaking for the additions." - S. DeCleene
"This is a picture of one of the first football team.  I recognize some of the players. Coaches were Rich Winter, and Elwood Lutze. Check out the uniforms-discards from the Manitowoc Chiefs????" - L. Schneider
"I used to have computer class with Mr. Beck in this room. " -S. Loberger
"Fun! That looks like Miss Karen Wilsmann!! I assume it was her graduation photo from MLHS?" -A. Winter
"It's Miss Karen Wilsmann, currently a teacher at MLHS."- L. Schneider
It is the first home of Manitowoc Lutheran High School after demolition began.
The picture was taken in the basement of First German. I think the first one may be a Schrank, the second from the left I believe is Lee Baryenbruch, then Carl Meyer and then Paul Pleuss. Might be elders, etc.   D. Lindemann  (Last names spelling I'm not unsure about.)
"Front row from left:  N. Knickelbein, E. Strutz, K. Blank, M. Pleuss, M. Petznick, D. Sickinger.  Second from left, second row: E. Weyer.  H. Klatt directing, Pastor Schaller helping W. Wagner at the organ, I think."-R. Mattek
Not sure, but are they young Marcus & Fred Manthey?
Pictured are Minnie & Emma Sundt, who were members of Immanuel, Manitowoc.  We bought eggs from them when I was a youngster.  After a suggestion from Immanuel's Pastor Uetzmann, the sisters donated their farm property to MLHS.  Their house, shown in the photo,  was located just north of the current teacherage. -P. Kluenker
 Graduation Day, 1969. Some graduates, sporadically from left to right are Tom Wilsmann, Carol Bitter, Sharleen Porr, Naomi and Nancy Schultz, & Joan Koldoff. A couple 1970 graduates in the crowd, left to right are Marilyn Kawalle & Patti Kastner (next to the light blue collared guy). -P. Kluenker
I believe this is the class of 1966. I recognize Dennis Schneider and his friend, Dave Luebke. Back then, the graduation services alternated between First German, and Bethany. The class picked the color of their graduation gowns.
I would venture a guess that this may be a Ladies' Guild meeting in one of the classrooms in the old school. The woman standing is Mrs. Barbara Fischer, mother of Janis '64, Todd, '66 and Susan '69. The Ladies Guild meetings were held on Sunday afternoons, while the men of the Association met at the same time.  -L. Schneider

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