Friends of the Lancer

FOL originated in the 1990s with a group of parents who were looking for a way to raise money for Manitowoc Lutheran High School Athletics.
The group became a vital part of all athletic programs raising money for new uniforms, athletic equipment, spirit wear, wish list items for the athletic department and more…

“FOL raised $24,200 for unbudgeted items for the
Athletic Department last year!”

FOL Meeting Minutes

MLHS Athletics
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Fastpitch, Track, Hockey, Poms, Wrestling

Who Can Be a Member of FOL?
You can be a member. You don’t have any kids in any MLHS athletic programs? No problem. 
This club is for anyone who wants to join. Join the FOL team today!

FOL Meetings
FOL meets at 7PM at MLHS the 1st Monday of every month that does not start with the letter “J”
(Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
Meetings are structured to run about 1 hour

How does FOL raise the money?
Canteen at home sporting events
Concessions Stand at Packer Games
Annual Fifth Quarter (after Homecoming football game)
Annual Fish Fry
Buffalo Wild Wings Coupon
Spirit Wear

December 5th, 2016

February 6, 2017

Each year, FOL allocates the funds from all their year-long efforts to purchase items from the WishList.  Their 2016-2017 efforts yielded more than $24,000 toward these items that couldn’t fit in the budget, including:

White Football Uniforms Softball Field Improvements Girls Basketballs
Cross Country Uniforms Boys Basketball Apparel Gym Entrance Mats
Treadmill for trainer use with injury recovery Summer Conditioning Hot Water Heater (basement)

Feel free to give Heath Kluba a call if you have any questions about FOL.
"To Our God and Father be glory forever and ever" ~ Philippians 4:20