8th grade lifting
All incoming 8th grade boys are invited to these training sessions to get ready for our summer offseason workouts.
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"Sportsmetrics is a six-week jump training program that meets three times per week on alternating days. Click here for brochure. Each session is approximately one and one-half hours and includes the following components:
  *   Dynamic Warm-up: Prepares the body with functional based activities that use sport specific motions.
  *   Plyometrics/Jump Training: Plyometrics are used to focus on correct jumping technique and are divided into three two week phases. Each phase has a different training focus and the exercises change accordingly.
  *   Speed and Agility Training: Emphasizes body alignment and form while performing sprinting and cutting movements.
  *   Strength Training: With emphasis on body alignment and form, this section focuses on development of core strength and improving overall muscular efficiency.
  *   Flexibility Training: Stretching is essential to achieve maximum muscle length, allowing muscles to work with power through complete range of motion.
  *   Pre- and Post- testing: Detects deficiencies and identifies athletes who may have an increased risk for serious knee injuries. Testing includes drop jump test, hop test, single leg squat, vertical jump and hamstring flexibility.
  *   For more information or to register: www.lakeshoreorthopaedics.com/sportsmetrics"
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