Guidance Contact Information

Julie Nass
Guidance Counselor & Registrar
(920) 682-0215  Ext. 502
jnass (at)
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Class of 2018 Advisors
Class of 2019 Advisors
Class of 2020 Advisors
Class of 2021 Advisors
Pastor Meissner
Mrs. Jolene Pautz
Mr. Wayne Foelske
Mr. Paul Durkee
Mr. Nate Hochmuth
Mr. Dave Uhlhorn
Mr. Joel Barthel
Ms. Karen Wilsmann
Mr. Joe Janke
Mr. Joel Ungemach
Mrs. Natosha Cole
Mr. Nathan Gurgel
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord ~ Jeremiah 29:11