WI Parental Choice Program
MLHS participates in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP). In this state program, MLHS receives a state payment (voucher) that covers the student’s tuition in full. Students who meet income and residency criteria must apply and are randomly selected by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).
The WPCP application period runs from February 1st through April 20th, 2018.
Students who received a voucher for the 2017-18 school year, need to re-apply for the 2018-19 school year. Repeat students will be required to provide MLHS with Residency Verification but not with Income Verification.  
The tables below indicate the WPCP Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)* limits for 2018-19.
Family Income at or below for
one-parent Household
Family Income at or below for
two-parent (married) Household
Applicants to the WPCP must apply using this
1 $26,532 $33,532
2 $35,728 $42,728
3 $44,924 $51,924
4 $54,120 $61,120
5 $63,316 $70,316
6 $72,512 $79,512
    For each additional member add $9,196.  
                                     * Family Income is the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) on 1040 tax form
Still not sure if you should apply for WPCP? 
Click here for a guide to help you decide, or see image below.

If you have questions with the application process, please contact MLHS Director of Mission Advancement, Scott Reinhard, at 920-682-0215 x106. 

Steps to Apply for Parental Choice at Manitowoc Lutheran High School
Students in need of financial assistance should apply for BOTH the WPCP program (if household income meets the limits above) as well as for MLHS Tuition Assistance. For those students NOT selected for a WPCP voucher, Tuition Assistance from MLHS would be considered.

1. Fill out the online application. The online application needs to be completed through the "ONLINE APPLICATION" above.
    The deadline to apply is April 20th.
2. Provide Proof of Residency to MLHS (All Applicants): MLHS must be given a copy of ONE of the following documents. The document  
    must be current (within the last 3 months).
  • Current water, gas, electric, cable, satellite, or landline phone bill. (Cell phone & internet bills NOT acceptable).
  • 2017 Property tax bill or current (signed and dated) lease agreement
  • Current wage statement (can be a year-end W2)
  • Recent government correspondence. Current benefits statements from www.access.wisconsin.gov
           3. Families applying to the WPCP for the FIRST time also need to provide income documentation via one of the following methods.
3a. DPI Method Documentation (Preferred Method): Acceptable documentation include ONE of the following:
  • Copy of the first two pages of your 1040 Federal Income Tax Return for 2017. Return needs to be signed and dated by taxpayer.
  • If your taxes are not completed, you may submit copies all 2017 income documentation (employer W2s, 1099s, etc).
  • If you do not file income taxes, you must provide copies of all other income documentation for 2017 (social security statements, unemployment compensation statements, child support statements, etc.)
3b. DOR Method: Provide Social Security Number(s) of parents/guardians to MLHS.

There is no guarantee your student(s) will be selected. Families will be randomly selected by the DPI and notified via email if they were chosen beginning in late June. Those not selected will be notified by MLHS.

Students who received a voucher in 2017-18 while attending another school need to complete a WPCP application for 2018-19. 

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