Faculty/Staff Directory
Faculty at MLHS
Joel Barthel
Class of 2020 Advisor

Chemistry, Physics, Env. Science, Pre Algebra
jbarthel (at) mlhslancers.org
Kevin Buch
Admissions Director, I.T.

Ext. 406
kmbuch (at) mlhslancers.org
Jim Carolfi
Class of 2017 Advisor

Algebra2/Trig, Pre Calculus, AP Calculus, Statistics
Ext. 301
jcarolfi (at) mlhslancers.org
Natosha Cole

Math Lab, Cantate Choir, Life Skills
Ext. 337
ncole (at) mlhslancers.org
Jeff Dolan
Class of 2017 Advisor

American History, AP U.S. History, World History, Poly Sci
Ext. 412
jdolan (at) mlhslancers.org
Paul Durkee
Class of 2019 Advisor

Physical Ed. 9-12, Health
Ext. 128
pdurkee (at) mlhslancers.org

Wayne Foelske
Class of 2018 Advisor

Biology, Earth Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Advanced Biology
Ext. 308
wfoelske (at) mlhslancers.org
Rev. Beck Goldbeck

Religion 9 & 11
Ext. 408
bgoldbec (at) mlhslancers.org
Joseph Janke
Class of 2020 Advisor

English 10, English 12
Ext. 401
jjanke (at) mlhslancers.org
David Jirikowic
Class of 2019 Advisor

Economics, Human Relations, Intro to Business, Computer Application, Law, Accounting
Ext. 405
djirikow (at) mlhslancers.org
Nathan King
International Coordinator

English as a Second Language 1-4
Ext. 420
nking (at) mlhslancers.org
Kathy Kock

Art Intro, Drawing, Mixed Media
Ext. 415
kkock (at) mlhslancers.org
Rev. Norval Kock

Bible Information Class 1
Ext. 501
nkock (at) mlhslancers.org
Rev. Thomas Meissner
Class of 2018 Advisor

Religion 10, German 1-3, Bible Information Class 2
Ext. 414
tmeissner (at) mlhslancers.org
Rev. Jonathan Meyer
Dean of Students

Religion 12
Ext. 100
jmeyer (at) mlhslancers.org

Jennifer Monke

English 11, Geography, European History
Ext. 209
jmonke (at) mlhslancers.org
Julie Nass
Registrar, Guidance Director, International College Advisor, National Honor Society Contact

Office Experience, Youth Apprenticeship, Online Classes, English as a Second Language 3&4
Ext. 502
jnass (at) mlhslancers.org
Jolene Pautz
Class of 2018 Advisor
National Honor Society

Spanish 1-4
Ext. 402
jpautz (at) mlhslancers.org
Martin Plocher
Class of 2017 Advisor

Physical Science, Woods 1-3, CAD
Ext. 307
mplocher (at) mlhslancers.org
Ryan Rathje
Director of Education

Ext. 503
rrathje (at) mlhslancers.org
Renee Schmill
Middle School Band Director
Drama Director

Foods, Freshman Choir
Ext. 340
rmschmill (at) mlhslancers.org
Dave Uhlhorn
Class of 2019 Advisor
Athletic Director

Algebra 1&2
Ext. 111
duhlhorn (at) mlhslancers.org
Joel Ungemach
Dean of Academics
Lancer Signers

Band, Concert Choir, Music 9
Ext. 333
jungemach (at) mlhslancers.org
Karen Wilsmann
Class of 2020 Advisor
Learning Coordinator

English 9, Practical English, Directed Study Hall
Ext. 410
kwilsman (at) mlhslancers.org
Staff at MLHS
Denise Cronk
Hot Lunch Aid

Ruth Hahnke
Media Center

Ext. 211
rhahnke (at) mlhslancers.org
Jean Lindemann
Media Center

Yearbook, Website
Ext. 211
jlindemann (at) mlhslancers.org

Connie Lorenz
Assistant of Mission Advancement

Alumni Database
Ext. 306
clorenz (at) mlhslancers.org
Michelle Luebke
Administrative Assistant

Website Coordinator
Ext. 303
mluebke (at) mlhslancers.org

Daniel Matthews
Marty Mikeal

Cathy Miller

Ext. 316
cmiller (at) mlhslancers.org
Lori Miller
Administrative Assistant

Ext. 500
lmiller (at) mlhslancers.org
Rita Redeker
Hot Lunch Coordinator

rredeker (at) mlhslancers.org
Scott Reinhard, CFRE
Director of Mission Advancement

Charitable & Planned Giving, Lancer Club, Endowment, Business Office
Ext. 106
screinhard (at) mlhslancers.org
David Reneau
Beth Roberts

Ext. 116
scrip (at) mlhslancers.org
Lynn Roehrborn
Administrative Assistant

Ext. 504
lroehrborn (at) mlhslancers.org
Terry Roehrborn
Head Custodian

Ext. 158
troehrborn (at) mlhslancers.org
Tom Schneider, CPA
Business Manager

Ext. 104
tschneider (at) mlhslancers.org
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