General Info & FAQs
Q) What is Manitowoc Lutheran High School (MLHS) ?
MLHS is a 4 year private Christian High School started and run by a federation of Lutheran Churches in the area surrounding Manitowoc.

Q) How many students attend MLHS?
2017-18 Enrollment: 206
Q)  How many faculty members teach at MLHS? 
21 full-time and 4 part-time teachers serve our students. 
Q)  Is MLHS accredited?
By the Wisconsin Religious & Independent Schools Accreditation (WRISA) program.
By the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), the 4th largest school system in America.
MLHS also meets or exceeds all standards for the Wisconsin Department of Instruction.

Q)  What kind of computer technology does MLHS have?
MLHS has one computer lab available for all students or classes, another computer lab within the media center for all students or study-halls, and three mobile computer carts for classes.  All classrooms are equipped with classroom computers and video and/or interactive boards for presentations and student-to-instructor interaction. MLHS is also in the process of transitioning to teaching with every student having access to a personal computer for classroom/academic applications.
Q)  What extra- and co-curricular activities are available?
MLHS offers:
Q)  What are MLHS' colors and mascot? 
Our school colors are red and gray, and our mascot is a Lancer (a knight on a horse). A Lancer is a soldier, so the name was chosen because the Christian students at MLHS are soldiers of the cross, always ready to fight sin and Satan with the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.  

 Q)  How much does it cost to attend MLHS?
MLHS only exists because of the dedication and commitment of Manitowoc area Christians who believe in the the importance of a Christian education. This tremendous support keeps student tuition at roughly half of what it actually costs to educate at student. MLHS never wants finances to be a barrier that hinder a family from the blessing of Christian education. Multiple programs are available to assist families in reducing the cost of tuition. Please contact the school for more information.
Q)  Can I arrange a tour of the school? 
Absolutely!  We would love you to come for a campus tour. Contact our admissions director, Kevin Buch at kmbuch (at) , or call (920) 682-0215.  We would be happy to show you around!
"To Our God and Father be glory forever and ever" ~ Philippians 4:20