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The MLHS Drama Program is an extra-curricular offering open to all MLHS students.  Each year, plays and musicals are presented almost entirely by students - from acting to lights & sound, from stage design to pit orchestra. 
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MLHS Fall Play 2018
November 2nd thru November 4th
When country mouse Sam calls out of the blue to invite his “cuz” for a family visit, urbanite Alex is skeptical.  But duly determined to re-connect with her rural kin, Alex puts family first and takes a leap — well, a flight — and then an “Oober” to the “fifth house down on the road by the crick.”  Her country visit goes quickly awry when Alex finds herself lost in another world...  a world without WiFi or indoor plumbing!  She skedaddles back to the security of city living, but then feels badly for cutting short her time with her country family.  So Alex extends an invitation to Sam, who quickly learns what it feels like to be a square peg in a round hole.  In a hysterical restaurant scene, Sam’s reaction to sushi embarrasses all of Sam’s urban friends and leaves the country bumpkin bumming.  Turns out, compatibility can be hard to come by, and there’s no clear answer as to whose way of living is better when two worlds collide.
This hilarious play is wonderfully easy to produce with loads of humor for both kids and their parents.  The Fairy Tale Network is a television network that needs to improve its viewership ratings with exciting new programming.  The three mice working as creative consultants for the studio each must come up with a story idea to pitch to their new chief, the Cat.  And they need to pitch their ideas fast before they become a fancy feast!  They retell the well-known tales of Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Pigs, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but now with new, unexpected twists.  The crew of Busy Bees racing on props and sometimes even becoming the set pieces themselves makes this play fast-paced, super-easy to stage and fun!

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City Mouse and Country Mouse
The Fairy Tale Network

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