International Students

Welcome to Manitowoc Lutheran High School's International Students Program

In the past years, Manitowoc Lutheran has hosted international students from South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Norway and Denmark.

Becoming a Host Family

The International Student Program at Manitowoc Lutheran High School is the direct result of host families who open their homes to students from all over the world. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to share their Christian faith.

Why do families choose to host?

Families host for a wide variety of reasons. At the center is the desire for the family to open its home to an individual who might otherwise never have the chance to learn of their Savior. Other reasons for hosting include learning of other cultures or participating in an exciting new experience.

What is expected of me as a host parent?

Host families are expected to welcome the international student into your home as a member of the family and provide a caring home environment.

How well can international students speak English?

An international student's academic success is dependent on the ability to communicate in the English language. For an applicant to be accepted, he/she must demonstrate proficiency with an acceptable score on a standardized testing format.

What are the major challenges for host families?

Most challenges typically involved cultural differences within communication styles or customs. Many families who have experienced such challenges find that, in time, they are resolved with patience and clear communication.

International Student Forms

MLHS offers a university-preparatory program of education for grades 9-12 that has a reputation for being an excellent value in a friendly and safe environment. While maintaining high academic standards, MLHS supports its students through a part-time English as a Second Language (ESL) program with a part-time international adviser to assist the needs of international students.

Our school is large enough to offer a wide variety of curricular and after-school activities, while being small enough to allow students to participate in activities of their choice.

Most students are accepted into the MLHS international program in grades 9 – 12. At right is a list of documents and references to materials to aid you in your application submission.

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