A variety of supplemental, alternative credit, and advanced placement learning opportunities are available through the Area Lutheran High Schools Online, a shared platform to develop and offer a set of high school online courses taught from a Scriptural perspective.

These Self-Instructional Type classes are listed within MLHS's own course descriptions, but are clearly notated as an ONLINE course.

MLHS's Online Curriculum Policy is provided in the "Course of Study booklet" and also given below:

Online Curriculum Policy

1. Online Curriculum

a. A full-time student is one taking six classes per semester at MLHS. An on-line class cannot be included as one of these six classes.

b. Students enrolled at Manitowoc Lutheran High School are able to take classes through Association of Lutheran High Schools Online or another approved online source for the purpose of enrichment and to supplement their campus class schedule.

c. Students may not exceed nine total classes between courses offered at MLHS and online courses. (Ex. 6 MLHS + 3 Online, 7 MLHS + 2 Online, 8 MLHS + 1 Online). MLHS will only reimburse for courses that total 8. If the student enrolls in a 9th class the cost will be borne by the student.

d. An online class cannot be taken in lieu of a class that is offered at the high school in our regular curriculum. The only exception to this will be online options used by the registrar to alleviate scheduling conflicts or to schedule classes for credit recovery.

e. For Manitowoc Lutheran High School students, registration for admission into an online course includes the following:

i. Students taking an enrichment course must have a minimum of a 2.8 GPA to be considered for registration into an online class for enrichment purposes.

ii. Students seeking credit recovery from an online course have no GPA requirement.

iii. The drop/add policy for MLHS applies to all online classes.

iv. A registration form is submitted to the guidance office

v. The registration from must include parent/guardian signatures, Guidance Counselor signature, and MLHS administration approval.

f. MLHS will include ALHSO course offerings in our course of study booklet. Classes that are offered simultaneously by ALHSO and MLHS will be listed as possible options for the registrar to use in case of scheduling conflicts.

g. A note will be made in the MLHS course of study booklet that other online courses are available upon approval of the MLHS administration.

h. Advanced Placement courses may be taken by students that observe the stated prerequisites and have been granted approval by the faculty chair of the department under which the AP class falls.

2. Cost/Documentation

a. Documentation and a final grade should be submitted to MLHS for online courses that are taken. A photocopy of payment and final should be submitted to the Guidance Office.

b. MLHS will reimburse the student for the cost of taking an on-line course that is not offered in the MLHS curriculum when the student completes the course and submits documentation and a final grade. The final grade attained must be a C- or higher. (Up to $300)

c. If a student earns lower than a C-, or withdraws from a class, MLHS will not reimburse the costs of this online course.

d. If the course is a full year course, the student must complete both semesters to receive reimbursement.

e. MLHS will not reimburse the student for textbooks and required materials for online courses. Students will purchase these on their own and will be the owners of this material.

f. MLHS will not reimburse the cost for any credit recovery course.

g. If the online class that is being taken is being given college credit, the class costs will be covered by the student. Exceptions to this rule may exist (eg. online calculus class offered through Wisconsin Lutheran College).

3. Credit/GPA issues will fall into three categories:

a. Category1: ALHSO (Association of Lutheran High School Online)

b. Category 2: High school courses offered by other online academic providers. The MLHS administration will identify these providers on their reputation and credentials. These approved online courses will be granted credits by MLHS on the student transcript.

c. Category 3: college Courses. College courses that are being given college credit will NOT be counted toward the student's GPA. College courses are not reimbursed by MLHS.

d. GPA Policy: All high school credits earned online and approved by the MLHS administration will be included on the Manitowoc Lutheran High School transcript and included in the student's GPA. Any course being given by a college and earning college credit will not be included on the Manitowoc Lutheran High School transcript or in the student's GPA.