Religion 9
REL1009 - 9th Grade - Full Year
This course is a study of many books of the Old Testament. Along with review of familiar stories, new insight will be put on how and why these stories happened. A general theme of God's promises fulfilled will be learned.

Religion 10
REL1010 - 10th Grade - Full Year
This course is a study of the Gospel of John, Matthew, Acts, and 1st Corinthians.

Religion 11
REL1011 - 11th Grade - Full Year
Quarters 1 & 2 - Doctrinal Review I Key doctrines of Scripture are studied, with special emphasis on equipping students to verbalize their beliefs. A paper on a doctrinal topic is required. Quarter 3 - Christian Family Living/Witnessing - Students study the scriptural foundation of the Christian family and see it as God's gift to humanity. Special emphasis is given to discussion of topics that threaten the Christian family. Discussion also centers on equipping students to make moral choices that are pleasing to God. Christian witnessing is also studied. Students learn to make a Law-Gospel witnessing presentation and are required to present it to their classmates. Quarter 4 - Church History/Comparative - An overview of the church's development is studied, with special emphasis on the Lutheran Reformation. The origins of today's false teachings are placed into their historical context. Students research a church body or religion and make a presentation to their classmates.

Religion 12
REL1012 - 12th Grade - Full Year
Quarter 1 - Revelation - A detailed study of St John's Revelation with an emphasis on seeing Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords who controls all events in the interest of His church. Quarter 2 - Practical Church - The benefits and responsibilities of church membership will be studied. This study includes personal membership within a congregation as well as studying individual and congregational responsibility as members of the WELS. 19 Quarter 3 - 1 Peter/James/I John - A thorough study of Peter's first recorded letter emphasizing the sure hope of eternal life that our loving Father has prepared for those who love Him. This letter allows us to peek into the great acts and thoughts of God with practical teaching on living a Christian life. Gospel motivation for Christian living will be stressed in the study of James' epistle. Time permitting; a brief look at John's first epistle will also be studied highlighting God's abundant love for us. Quarter 4 - Christian Contemporary Issues - This course will deal with those things in today's world that may conflict with the clear guidelines of God's Word. Such topics might be homosexuality, gambling, test-tube babies, euthanasia, cryogenics, entertainment and the like.

Bible Information Class 1
(BIC) REL1013 - Full Year
Course description under revision Prerequisite: None

Bible Information Class 2
(BIC) REL1017 - Full Year
Course description under revision Prerequisite: BIC 1

Life of Christ
ONLINE COURSE REL1018- 10th/11th/12th Grade - Full Year
An in-depth study of the life and ministry of our Savior. Each of the four Gospels will be studied in detail to gain an appreciation for the special insights each provides and to understand the unique purpose for which each was written. Prerequisites: None. However, this class may not take the place of any of our MLHS Religion courses. It may only be taken in addition to the courses that MLHS is offering