English 9
ENG1001 - 9th Grade - Full Year
This yearlong course for freshmen is made up of the following components: literature, written communication, and grammar-usage-mechanics. The literature component is a general overview of literature that includes short stories, the novel, poetry, a Shakespearean drama, and non-fiction. Students are also required to read at least one novel outside of class. The written composition component consists of learning and executing the writing process through the creating of paragraphs, several essays, and a cross-curricular research paper.

English 10
ENG1002 - 10th Grade - Full Year
This year-long course consists of four components: grammar-usage-mechanics, composition, literature, and oral activities. The Literature component consists of poetry, short stories both fiction and non-fiction, drama, and a novel.

English 11
ENG1003 - 11th Grade - Full Year
This yearlong course consists of the following components: oral activities and literature. Both components incorporate the use of the four language arts skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Oral communication units emphasize the organization of ideas and the development of public speech techniques. Literature units consist of the examination of American literature from Pre-Colonial to Modern times. Included in literature is the study of the novel The Scarlet Letter.

English 12
ENG1004 - 12th Grade - Full Year
This yearlong course for seniors is a continuation of the Language Arts track and is made up of four components: literature, composition, grammar-usage-mechanics, and oral activities. The literature component emphasizes British literature and includes the study of poetry, essays, short stories, a Shakespearean drama, and a major novel. Students also are required to read three books outside of class. The composition component consists of the writing of a major research paper, a number of essays, and poems. The students also participate in group and individual oral presentations.

Practical English
ENG1025 - 11th/12th Grade - Full Year
This yearlong course is designed for the student whose academic abilities and skills indicate a need to strengthen practical application of basic language and communication skills. The concepts of learning-to-learn and the "world-of-work' are stressed. The course consists of five interrelated components: basic grammar, usage, and mechanics; literature--technical and recreational; oral communication; written communication; and career readiness. (Dept. approval required.)

English As A Second Language
ENG1009 - Full Year
This course is designed to introduce new international students to daily life and school expectations in the United States. Students are introduced to routines of high school life, how to problem solve in their new surroundings, and teacher, school and host family expectations. Basic grammar comprehension is also a goal of this course. It is reinforced through reading and writing exercises. Vocabulary development is a main focus. This course works to develop sentence level and paragraph writing skills for beginning ESL students. It includes intensive work to extend reading comprehension abilities through reading response writings, comprehensive exercises and discussion.

English As A Second Language 2
ENG1022 - Full Year
This course is designed for intermediate level language learners. Goals include a reinforcement of basic grammar, an introduction and intense study of more complex grammar, including further development of conversational skills, reading skills, writing skills and vocabulary development. This course works to improve paragraph level writing and essay writing skills for intermediate ESL students. It includes intensive work to extend reading comprehension abilities through reading response writings, comprehension exercises and discussion.

English As A Second Language 3
ENG1023 - Full Year
This course is designed for advanced level ESL students. Goals include further reinforcement of basic grammar as well as an introduction and intense study of more complex grammar through various means. More time is devoted at this level to discussions and problem solving. Development of vocabulary remains a top focus. Class time is also devoted to literature in its various forms. Students begin practicing specific English skills needed for college entry tests.

English As A Second Language 4
ENG1024 - Semester 1
The purpose of this course is to provide international students with college transition skills in English, essay writing, conversational skills, life skills, university application, and college preparation standardized testing in math, science, English, and reading. Objectives include: skills base and technique review for TOEFL, ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER college preparation testing, secure essay writing skills, explore career interests and skills assessment, career research and job shadow experience, research of college terminology, majors, universities, and financial aid opportunities, proceed with university application processes, secure resumé writing and experience interview skills, lead and direct discussion/conversation on current social issues, and explore community and civic service and God's purpose of each life.