BUS1001 - 11th/12th Grade - Full year
The aim of the course is to provide an understanding of the flow of a business transaction through the accounting cycle, to teach the necessity for neat and accurate records, and to provide background instruction for advanced study in business administration or accounting. Students will maintain accounting and payroll records for a sole proprietorship, merchandising business, and corporation.

Intro to Business
BUS1003 - 9th/10th Grade - Semester 1 or Semester 2
Students learn about business as it affects them day by day. There are units on economics, consumerism, money management, banking, investments, credit, and insurance. In each unit, related careers are discussed to help students recognize career potentials for themselves.

Office Experience
BUS1007 - 12th Grade - Full Year
This program enables students to assist the school secretaries with various duties five periods a week. The students are under the guidance and supervision of a school secretary or other staff member, and would assist the secretaries and administrators with various responsibilities related to filing, record keeping, data entry, etc. Applications can be obtained from the registrar. Screening is done by the high school principal, registrar, and school secretary.

VOC3004 - 12th Grade - Full Year
The purpose of the Youth Apprenticeship is a school to work program to train students who plan to enter the work-force directly after high school, or who plan to enroll in a technical college or a university in an occupationally-related degree program. The student must be in grade 12 (a few programs allow 11th grade students to enroll) and must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 One Practical Arts elective credit earned per semester for a minimum of three hour/day work experience. If accepted, the student must take a minimum of four classes in addition to School-To-Work/Youth Apprenticeship